• Thanos Leontaris

How we dealt with the pandemic

Well, we didn't-and I'll tell you why.

Legal services providers have long been the picked on kid on the block for their less-than-stellar digital transformation. Many law firms and solo practitioners struggled during the pandemic to digitize files, sort through case evidence, figuring out digital signatures and managing to keep remote working on track. Litigators tried to find how to submit their court filings electronically-while there was no need to do so previously.

What did we do differently during the pandemic? Nothing really.

Early on in our operations we decided that the archiving model would be: Scan, File Digitally, File Physically, Delete Physical (after x time), Delete Digital (after x time).

Same would go for our accounting books and invoicing.

When the pandemic found us, we were transitioning from Google's GSuite Business platform to the Office 365 platform.

Up until that time, we were using the following tools to manage workflow:

  • GSuite: For communications,filing system, document creation, scanning, email etc.

  • Asana: For task management and progress tracking

  • Hubspot: For CRM tracking and other sales tasks

  • Elorus: For accounting/invoice.

Since the pandemic started (which like I said caught us during the transition) we shifted to Office 365 tools:

  • So from Asana we are now using Microsoft Planner and To Do (we are finding the transition easy so far-although it'd be great if we could assign sub tasks on To Do)

  • For email Outlook 365 (it has a great feature to setup meet times)

  • For video/conference calls Teams (unfortunately we are finding it has less encryption features than its older cousin Skype for Business)

  • OneNote which is great for shared Client meeting-notes taking app (especially when there's an emphasis on the need to share in contrast to Google Keep for example)

What the pandemic changed for us, is how we execute contracts which might have required physical signatures-sure not by us but by clients-so we are planning to roll out an e-signature service for our clients provided by the secure solution of of Adobe Sign.

So, did the pandemic change how operate? Not really. But it validated our concept that when you are working more digitally than analog you can be more flexible and adaptable to any circumstances.

Stay safe.


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